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Hearing aid care

Hearing Aid Cleaning Review

When you have removed your hearing aid(s) for the evening, clean the body with a dry tissue unless you are using a cleaning spray.

  • Cleaning Spray:  spray one to two pumps onto a dry tissue. Never spray directly onto the hearing aid. This is recommended for heavy earwax producers and for ear canals with dry flaky skin. Use your cleaning wire to clean the receiver exit (where the sound leaves your hearing aid into your ear canal) of the hearing aid nightly.  Even if you rarely “find” earwax, it is still recommended to clean at least once per week
  • Earwax is the leading cause of hearing aid damage and failure! If your hearing aid works in the morning but by evening it is weak or going “dead”, it could be a sign of earwax in the receiver.  Earwax is like a sponge.  When it is dry, it shrinks and hardens, but when it absorbs moisture it will swell and expand – blocking sound from exiting the hearing aid. Routine checking/cleaning are offered at our office at NoChargeevery 6 months.  However, please schedule an appointment if difficulties occur earlier.
  • Open the battery compartment and set your hearing aid in an open container. This will allow the build-up of moisture to evaporate by morning.

  • Moisture is the second leading cause of hearing aid damage and failure!Moisture-related failures appear as distortion, weakness, intermittence (cutting in/out) or dead.  Most damaging moisture gets inside your hearing aid(s) through condensation and perspiration.  Condensation can occur when you go from an air-conditioned room to the hot outside air or when you enter cold air from a heated room. A Dri-Aid Kit is recommended to dehydrate a hearing aid more thoroughly.
  • Use your cleaning brush on the faceplate of the hearing aid to remove dirt from the volume control and battery compartment.
    • Dirt, which transfers from you hands, can work inside your hearing aid(s) and cause a static-like sound when moving the volume control knob.
  • 6 Month Checking and Cleaningprovided at our office at No Charge can help keep your hearing aid(s) performing at their best.  The average life of a hearing aid is 5 years – we’re trying to keep repairs down for you!


  • We request an appointment with the audiologist to inspect your hearing aid when it is not functioning properly or for 6 Month Check & Clean’s.
    • All services that require an appointment:
      • Whistles/buzzes, etc.
      • Too Loose
      • Hurts
      • Needs reprogramming/adjustment
  • Hearing Aid Drop off. If the appointments are not convenient for you, please drop off your hearing aid(s) at the front desk. There is an easy form to fill out and the audiologist will contact you within 24 hours with the status of your aid.  If you do not have an answering machine, please call our office within 24 hours. Hearing Aid Pick up/reclaim is at the front desk.
    • Services that can be dropped off at the front desk:
      • Dead (no sound)
      • Weak
      • Cuts in/out
      • Stuck battery or broken battery door
      • Needs cleaning
      • When in doubt, please make an appointment!!