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Ear Protection

Ear Protection

Water protection is a must for some ears, especially after ear surgery. Ear protection in noisy environments helps prevents hearing loss. All of your needs are available here.

Doc's Proplugs

Docís Proplugs are available in 8 sizes and take only seconds to fit. They prevents ear problems from excessive exposure to water and cold air. They are well tolerated by children. The vented model allows equalization and better hearing & balance, while the solid model forms a water-tight seal. A leash is also available for open water use, and they float.

Custom Earplugs

Custom ear plugs are specifically made for your ear. A scheduled visit is needed to create the impression of the ear. Special colors are available and can also be swirled together.

Head Bands

Specially designed from neoprene materials, these headbands will hold a variety of plugs in place.  Available is several sizes and colors. Great for patients with ear tubes or special needs for water protection.