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In most cases, the positive side (flat) of the battery will go up toward the microphone.  Refer to your hearing aid manual for a picture example.

Open your battery compartment at night to allow moisture to evaporate and to extend battery life! If you use a Dri-Aid Kit, you will need to remove the battery to prevent it from weakening.

Stick the colored tab from the battery on the calendar if you wish to keep accurate record of battery performance/life.

Batteries are poisonous and can cause serious injury if swallowed especially in young children and pets.

The EPA considers batteries hazardous waste. When possible, they should be eliminated like paints, pesticides and larger batteries. Check your local listings for plants that accept these products.

Our battery of choice is RayovacTM Proline: $5.00 for a package of four or $4.50 per package when purchasing three or more packages